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Join a world largest Online Islamic Institute to learn Quran online.

Al Zahra Online  Quran Center has been established to serve Muslims with the teaching of Holy Quran and it’s fundamental rules from Arabic alphabets to Teach Quran with Tajweed. We work for those who are in search of online Quran tutor to learn Quran online. Although there are hundreds of online Quran academies working all around the globe, But when you talk about flexibility in working and quality services with complete professional approach we come first. We have arranged a dynamic and suitable one-to-one class session for all Muslim brothers, sisters and kids.


Who Can Learn?


Learning to read Quran does not entail any age limitations, restrictions and boundaries. Anybody can learn to read Quran. The only prerequisite is that the intending student should have access to broadband internet connection and a Desk Top or Lap top computer with headphone and microphone. The process is very simple and self explanatory, however, we will make a presentation to show you how thereading session actually proceeds. You may like to benefit from our unique offer of a 3 days free trial for evaluating the usefulness of our online reading Quran lessons.



Social Benefits for New Students



  •     No registration fees.
  •     5 days free trial. .
  •     One on one class per student.
  •     You can learn to read Quran at your own Place.
  •     You select your time and day.
  •     Affordable monthly fee
  •     No age limitation



Essential Equipment



  • Picture
  • Personal Computer (PC) or Laptop.
  • Headset with a microphone.
  • DSL/Broadband internet connection.
  • Skype ( Free and safe Audio software ).
  • Teamviewer ( Free software for screen sharing.)
  • For visual contact you will need to have Teamviewer software and for audio contact Skype telephony software. You may download these software from our website free of cost.[/checklist][/col_12]

[toggle title=”We Offer 6 Days Free Trial Class“]We invite you to take 6 days Trial Classes in which you just evaluate our service. We are pretty sure after having these classes you’ll be one of those who are pleased with us to learn quran online.This period will let you gauge our teaching approach and the skills of our teacher so you can decide if you continue with us.We provide a great opportunity to our new visitors to check us and our services at free trial classes. We’ll provide you with trial classes in first 3 days to learn Quran online. These classes are 100% free. You just need a computer, a headphone, and internet connection. We’ll provide all the material related to the student’s lesson to learn Quran online.We assure you the 100% satisfaction on our Quran teaching way, Islamic studies and the learning system for little kids and sister.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Our Priorities“]Our first preference is to prepare children for Quran and grow their hidden skills of Islamic personality. All we need from above is to make Muslims to differentiate between good and evil according to Islam. We have many programs of Tajweed-e-Quran for children who are unable to read this Holy book.to beautify your Quran recitation and Learn Quran online with Tajweed. We are offering Tajweed and Qiraat for adults, who want to read Quran but not aware of Tajweed rules. Basic Islamic studies, Quran Translation and Hadith learning are necessary for every Muslim to compete against life challenges.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Online Quran Tutor“]

Al Zahra Quran Center is especially for children and sisters who want a proper class environment to learn Quran online. It is therefore regardless of geographical position study of Quran aims to serve such Muslims by providing dynamic live Quran classes to learn Quran online at a time most suited to yourself. Our teaching method is very successful because of our professional techniques and hard work. Our all students are very pleased with our service. That’s why students feel happy to engage themselves in class to learn Quran online.